These Witch Halloween Decorations Will Be the Talk of Your Party!

From flying witches to crashed witches, to witches that talk and even one that uses your restroom. These witch Halloween decorations are brilliant!

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These spooky Halloween witch decorations are going to give my guests a fright! Thanks for sharing!

Nothing really says Halloween more than a wicked witch right? Today I’ve been searching out the best witch Halloween decorations that you can use to spook up your porch for trick or treaters, or turn your house into something spooky for party guests. I think we’ve got just the right mix of spooky witches and funny witches, because we don’t want to give the little ones nightmares!

Wicked Witch Halloween Decorations

Swinging Witch Decoration

You can buy theSwinging Witch Decoration here

Oh my this witch gave me a fright and it’s sure to do the same for your local trick or treaters! She’s 5 feet tall and can’t wait to hang out on her swing on your front porch this Halloween!

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Spell Speaking Witch Animated Prop

You can buy theSpell Speaking Witch Animated Prop here

This witch doesn’t just look spooky, she sounds spooky too! She’s 5ft8 tall to the tip of her hat and she can stand inside your house, or on a sheltered porch so she’s perfect for a party. When guests get close she cackles a spell!

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Flying Witch Prop

You can buy theFlying Witch Prop here

How spooky would this lovely lady be flying through your home, or your covered porch? Ok so she doesn’t actually fly, but she does hang around on her broomstick looking like she is!

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Crashing Witch Hanging Decor

You can buy theCrashing Witch Hanging Decor here

If you like your witches a little less spooky then this crashing witch is brilliant (and at less than five bucks she’s great value too!). She’d look great on your front door instead of a wreath right?

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Witch Leg Grave Breakers

You can buy theWitch Leg Grave Breakers here

These witch’s legs look like they’re breaking out of a grave, but you could also have them sticking out of the bottom of your house Wizard of Oz style!

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Witch Bathroom Door Cover

You can buy theWitch Bathroom Door Cover here

HA! Your guests won’t have trouble finding the bathroom with this witch on the door!

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Poseable Halloween Porch Decorations Witch

You can buy thePoseable Halloween Porch Decorations Witch here

Here’s another good witch decoration for kids because she’s more cute than spooky and she’s poseable so you can wrap her around a banister or a front porch post!

Buy it here

Betty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration

You can buy theBetty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration here

Ha! This little witch made me laugh. Poor Betty hasn’t quite mastered that broomstick yet and has flown right into your tree!

Buy it here

71″ Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch Halloween Haunted House Prop Decor

You can buy the71

Here’s another spooky witch to frighten your trick or treaters or surprise your party guests! You’ll need somewhere to hang her so she can chat to people as they walk past.

Buy it here

Set of 3 Lighted Glowing Black Witches Witch Coven Outdoor Halloween Prop

You can buy theSet of 3 Lighted Glowing Black Witches Witch Coven Outdoor Halloween Prop here

But why stop at just one witch when you can have a whole coven in your yard! These are super spooky looking right? And those lighted heads sort of glow in and out for a really eery feel!

Buy it here

Halloween Kitchen Set

You can buy theHalloween Kitchen Set here

Of course for something a little more sedate you could just brighten up your kitchen with this witch pot holder and kitchen towel!

Buy it here

Large Friendly Witch Hanging Halloween Trick or Treat Sign

You can buy theLarge Friendly Witch Hanging Halloween Trick or Treat Sign  here

You can let the neighbourhood kids know you’re open for trick or treating with this cute sign on your front door!

Buy it here

Witch Outdoor Scene

You can buy theWitch Outdoor Scene here

Ok this is the ultimate in witch decorations because there’s a whole scene here to show the neighbours how much you love Halloween! There’s a life sized animated witch with a steaming cauldron, a bag filled with cockroaches, a black cat and a toad oh and a spooky spider!

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Loving these Halloween witch decorations and I'm sure my party gusts will too!

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