Slow Cooker Gift Basket {A creative idea for the food lover on your list!}

If you have a food lover on your list a Slow Cooker gift basket is a creative gift idea they’ll appreciate all year round!

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Slow Cooker Gift Basket - creative gift idea for the food lover on your list!

Slow Cooker Gift Basket

You know how much we love DIY gift basket ideas around here and today we have an idea that’s perfect for the person on your list who loves to cook… a slow cooker gift basket!

Here are the supplies you need to put one together:

Slow cooker

Most importantly you need a slow cooker of course! I love DIY gift baskets where the recipient can actually use the “basket” don’t you?

I just found out today that Hamilton Beach have 3 quart slow cookers in cute designs, like this chevon pattern or this pretty blue gingham.

Slow cooker accessories

Once you’ve picked out your slow cooker it’s time to add in some accessories. I would definitely start with a packet of liners which makes cleaning the slow cooker a breeze! And then maybe one of these to prevent food sticking to the sides.

Slow cookers can get quite hot so it’s always a good idea to handle them with an oven mitt, so why not pick out one with a cute design like this one for your gift basket!

Slow cooker cook books and magazines

Or you could add in a cook book or magazine filled with yummy recipes to try out!

Spices and seasonings

I think it’s a nice idea to also include some food items in your slow cooker gift basket so next time you’re at the store why not add some spices and seasonings to your basket, and maybe a bag of pecans, walnuts or cashews so they can make some spiced nut snacks!

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