24 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Maps You Need to See

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Road maps, vintage maps, world maps, don’t keep them folded away in a box somewhere, turn them into something amazing! Check out these awesome ways to repurpose maps and be inspired!

Amazing Map Crafts

24. Map Monogram

Map Monogram

Found it here >> Francine C

Take a papier mache, or wooden letter, add a map, and you have a fabulous map monogram just perfect for a child’s nursery!

23. Personalized Photo Map

Personalized Photo Map

Found it here >> Cut Craft Create

This is such a FABULOUS idea for an first wedding anniversary gift (you know that’s paper right??)

22. Decoupage Map Chair

Decoupage Map Chair

Found it here >> Roddy and Ginger

Here’s a little inspiration for you. Take a vintage chair and bring it to life with a vintage map!

21. DIY: Map Pendant

DIY: Map Pendant

Found it here >> Paisley Sprouts

This map pendant light is genius!

20. DIY Map Wallpaper

DIY Map Wallpaper

Found it here >> The Inspired Room

If you find a stash of vintage maps that you’d really like to have on display go and ahead and turn them into wallpaper!

19. Map-Wrapped Gifts

Map-Wrapped Gifts

Found it here >> Brittany Powell

This isn’t a craft for one of a kind vintage maps, but if you happen to pick up some cheap road maps they make excellent wrapping paper!

18. Furniture+Decoupage+Maps


Found it here >> Flea Market Trixie

Next time you’re at the flea market or thrift store look out for a gorgeous table that needs a new lease of life, and upcycle it with maps!

17. Upcycled City Map Table Mats (Place Mats !)

Upcycled City Map Table Mats (Place Mats !)

Found it here >> Pillar Box Blue

We LOVE these upcycled place mats and think they would make brilliant housewarming gifts if you used a local city map to make them.

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