Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas {Track your emotions each day!}

Self care is important but looking after our mental health and emotions often comes at the bottom of our task lists. So how about making a change for 2019? We’ve got creative mood tracker Bullet Journal ideas to inspire you!

These mood tracker bullet journal ideas are just what you need to keep tabs on your emotions as part of your self care routine #bulletjournal #wellness #emotions #selfcare

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Mood Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas {It’s time to start putting you first!}

It’s time for another fabulous collection of Bullet Journal Tracker layouts.

Today it’s all about looking out for you! There’s a buzz around self care right now but it’s not just a fad. Looking after ourselves is super important, but because we’re so busy it often comes at the bottom of our to do lists (if it even makes the list at all!)

If you have been noticing that you find yourself easily triggered, falling into certain negative moods, or that you can’t seem to change your mood when you need to then you should think about using a mood tracker in your Bullet Journal.

Mood trackers can help you figure out what put you in a certain mood, but also what to focus on to remove negativity from your life and reduce bad moods.

If this sounds like something you want to do, here are some ways to create and use a mood journal in your daily routine.

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These bullet journal mood trackers will help you keep tabs on your emotions and mental health #bulletjournal

Setting up a mood tracker in your journal

A mood tracker can be set-up in various ways. One way that people find that works well for them is to have a strip at the top of each daily page that has various faces. These faces range from a full smile to a full frown or even pain. This allows you to simply pick the emotion you are feeling.

That is the first step.

Underneath this strip of faces can be other strips or just an area to write your thoughts on your mood.

Other strips that you can use are scales that show how happy or sad you are. You can also expand on these as you need to.

When to use a mood tracker

Mood trackers are perfect for moments in your day when you find yourself in an extreme of a mood.

Most people start mood trackers as a way to focus on why they may be sad, depressed, or feeling anxious and work through those issues. Many users of mood trackers feel a rush from seeing their lives and their entries go from a negative extreme to a more positive feeling over a period of time.

How the mood tracker can help you

The mood tracker helps you focus on you. That may sound odd, but if you are going through an emotional or mood extreme you may focus on the problem or emotion and not on yourself.

By writing down your thoughts and recognising the emotion or mood connected to them you can help bring the focus back to you and making your life a bit better from the journal entries and routine.

Mood trackers are similar to trigger trackers in the sense that both are done at the time of the emotion. This means they should be an option that is easy to take with you and easy to use when you need to journal, which is why it makes perfect sense to put your mood tracker in your Bullet Journal!

If you need some inspiration on how to set out your tracker just keep on scrolling because we’ve got 21 right here for you to put to the test!

Bullet Journal Mood Trackers Emotions

Cute cat doodle mood tracker

via tosiakowo

Cute Cat Doodle Mood Tracker

If you love cats then you need to try a mood tracker layout like this one with lots of cute kitty doodles!

Lighthouse mood tracker

via metro_boulot_bujo

Lighthouse Mood Tracker

Or how about drawing a lighthouse and using the stripes around the building to track your emotional health over the month.

Zebra mood tracker

via isabelhoops

Zebra Mood Tracker

Oh my goodness! I think this has to be the most creative mood tracking spread I’ve ever seen. Color in the stripes on the zebras as the month goes by.

Relaxing waves emotions chart

via bujonomy

Ocean Wave Mood Tracker

How about this for a really simple yet totally effective way to track your mental health. These waves are super simple to draw out in your journal. I actually feel calmer just looking at this spread!

Kite mood tracker


Kite Mood Tracker

“Let’s go fly a kite… up to the highest height…” LOVE LOVE LOVE this kite themed mood tracker! I’ll be using this one myself next month!

Moon Cycles Mood Tracker

via @creativebyolivejuice

Mood Tracker Moon Cycle

If you’ve ever wondered whether your mood swings relate to the cycles of the moon try a mood tracker layout like this one in your journal.
You’ll need a stencil like this one to draw those nice neat circles.

Village of houses mood chart

via @bulletjournal115

House Mood Tracker

I love this layout and it’s perfect if you like doodling. Add some snow and it would have a real Christmas village feel to it making it the perfect way to track your mood in December.
We love TomBow dual brush pens they’re great for journaling and colouring!

Mandala tracker

via @mindbodyjournal

Bullet Journal Mood Mandela

If you love mandala try a tracking layout like this one. It serves a dual purpose, because not only can you track your mood but colouring helps you to relax.

String light emotion tracker

via @mindbodyjournal

String Lights Mood Tracker

Here’s another layout that would be perfect for using in December.

While you’re looking at these mood tracker Bullet Journal ideas look at the label names too since they’ll help you decide how you want to label your own emotions.

Fall themed leaf mood tracker

via @mindbodyjournal

Fall Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

If you’re looking for a mood tracker layout you can use during the Fall months try one like this with lots of different leaves, and be sure to use seasonal colors for your different moods.

Halloween cobweb tracker

via @mindbodyjournal

Bullet Journal Halloween Mood Tracker

Or if you want a Halloween feel to your October mood tracker try a cobweb like this one.

Simple physical and mental health tracker

via @scribblesthatmatter

basic Mood Tracker


Sorry… couldn’t resist including a little Joey when I saw the title of this mood tracker!

I like how this simple box tracker includes a space for your emotional states alongside your physical energy levels, because I definitely experience a correlation between the two.

Ice cream mood tracker

via @averagebujolife

Bullet Journal Ice Cream Mood Tracker

How’s this for a creative way to track your emotions? With ice cream scoops!

Gumball machine tracker

via @_diythings._

Bullet Journal Gumball Machine Mood Tracker

Or with a gum-ball machine, this gumball mood tracker is super clever and I like the way they chose facial expressions and not just colours for the balls!

Christmas wreath emotions tracker

via @twilightcherry

Christmas Wreath Mood Tracker

Christmas can get pretty stressful so it’s an important time of year to monitor your emotions, for a seasonal tracker layout try a pretty wreath like this one.

Mistletoe tracker

via @bromlebi

Mistletoe Mood Tracker

Or if mistletoe is more your thing try a layout like this one!

Color by numbers mood tracker

via @_be.happy.today_

Color by Numbers Mood Tracker

Or how about drawing some gorgeous flowers and then using a colour by numbers chart to fill it in during the month?

Habit and mood tracker spread

via @emilysbujo19

Mood Habit Tracker

If you’ve already gotten into the habit of tracking your habits draw your mood tracker right there on the same page so you won’t forget to fill it in!

Year in pixels tracker

via @greenishplanning

Year in Pixels Mood Tracker

And of course you don’t have to do a monthly mood tracker, if you want to get an idea of your mood and emotions for a whole year at a glance try a Year in Pixels layout like this one.

Floral mood tracker cover page


Floral Mood Tracker

Or try a two-page spread with doodle flowers and colour in the petals of one set each month to get a year at a glance.

Valentines heart mood tracker

via @ptibujo

February Mood Tracker

I love this tree with heart shaped leaves on and of course it’s perfect for using in February.

Snowflake mood tracker

via @bulletjournal115

Snowflake Mood Tracker BuJo

Ooh or try making a snowflake tracker for the winter months!

Face mood tracker

via @bujo_033

Face Emotions Mood Tracker

If you’re a doodler and like drawing faces a cute layout like this one could work well for you.

Peacock emotions chart

via @creationsbylaetitia

Peacock Mood Tracker

Or how about drawing a gorgeous peacock and decorating his tail feathers as the month goes by.

Mood catcher spread

via @bujowithbecky

Bullet Journal Mood Catcher

I love dream catchers and this one makes a beautiful circle mood tracker.

Tea lover emotions tracker

via @creative_rose

Tea Lover Mood Tracker

If you’re a tea lover try a layout like this one, it would of course work with a coffee cup too!