10 Tips for Doodling Bullet Journal Banners and Headers

You don’t have to be an artist to bring your BuJo to life. Check out some of our favourite Bullet Journal banners and headers and tips to get you started.

Bullet Journal Banners and Headers

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Bullet Journal Banners and Headers

Once you’ve setup your Bullet Journal and got your head around the basic system it’s time to start brining your journal to life.

The simplest way is to doodle banners and headers on your spreads so today I’m sharing some of my favourite doodles from other BuJo users as well as some tips to help you get started.

#1 – Create a reference sheet

via @nicoles.journal

Bullet Journal Headers

Create a reference sheet with lots of different banners, fonts and borders and keep it in the back of your journal so the ideas are right there when you need them.

#2 – Look for inspiration everywhere

via Forever Good Life

Bullet Journal Headers

Get inspired by other layouts you see on Pinterest boards or Instagram, as well as magazines and just plain old doodling!

#3 – Use a stencil

via Jaydens Apple

Bullet Journal Headers Stencil

If you like your banners and headings to be perfectly neat then use a stencil like this one

#4 – Play around with lettering styles

via @nicoles.journal

Bullet Journal Headers Arrows

Play around with different arrows and lettering styles.

#5 – Use your ruler

via Caitlin’s Corner

Bullet Journal Headers Tutorial

Use a ruler to keep everything looking neat.

#6 – Turn a printable into stickers

via Space and Quiet

Bullet Journal Headers Printable

If you love the hand drawn look but just can’t master it then use a printable like this one to use as a template or turn into stickers.

Don’t miss our Bullet Journal Printables collection.

#7 – Don’t be afraid of colour

via @christina77star

Bullet Journal Headers Colours

Don’t be afraid to fill your headings and banners with colour!

#8 – Practice your doodles in a separate notebook

via @christinastar77

Bullet Journal Headers

Doodle out your Bullet Journal banner and header ideas on a piece of paper or separate notebook before moving the ones you like over to your Bullet Journal for future reference.

#9 – Use think you need to use fancy pens

via Little Coffee Fox

Bullet Journal Headers Video

Don’t think you can’t get started because you don’t have any fancy Bullet Journal pens. Just grab some Crayola markers from your kid’s craft box!

#10 – Watch video tutorials

via Amanada Rach Lee

Bullet Journal Headers Tutorial

Watch some Youtube videos to see how other people draw out their banners and headers.

Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

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